Big Finish podcast previews Survivors: New Dawn 2

Survivors: New Dawn 2

TODAY’S (6 FEBRUARY 2022) Big Finish podcast previewed the new audio boxset Survivors: New Dawn 2, the concluding part of the New Dawn series due for release later this week.

Sound designer Benji Clifford provides a pithy summary of the premise of Survivors (for those who’ve not encountered the series before now) and, together with co-presenter Nick Briggs, previews some of the behind-the-scenes interviews with cast and crew that accompany the release.

Survivors: New Dawn 2 is available for pre-order right up to its release date. Survivors: New Dawn 1 is still available in both CD and digital download formats. Both releases can also be ordered as part of a Big Finish bundle.

Big Finish podcast. 2022. 'Annihilated Survivors', 6 February

Big Finish podcast. 2022. ‘Annihilated Survivors’, 6 February.

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