Big Finish podcast confirms again that more Survivors audios are planned

THE LATEST BIG Finish podcast includes further confirmation that the company is planning new Survivors audio dramas – following on from the release of nine full-cast boxsets, three audiobooks and the six story New Dawn series.

In the ‘Listeners Emails’ section of the 13 November 2022 Big Finish podcast, co-hosts Nick Briggs and Benji Clifford discuss the past and future of the company’s Survivors audios, revisiting in particular the New Dawn collections.

“I could wax lyrical about why I love Survivors all day long,” says sound designer Benji Clifford. “But if you like something that’s a little bit different to normal Big Finish offerings, go check it out.”

Asked if more Survivors audios will be commissioned, Big Finish executive producer Nicholas Briggs replies: “Yes, there will be more Survivors.”

News that more Survivors audios would be produced was first confirmed in a ‘Survivors Special‘ edition of the Big Finish podcast, back in May – but, as plans in all creative industries can change over time, it’s encouraging to have this commitment reconfirmed.

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