Survivors: New Dawn 4 episode reviews published

Survivors New Dawn 4

REVIEWS OF ALBION, Fallout and Requiem, the final three episodes of the Survivors: New Dawn audio range have now been published on the Big Finish Survivors section of the Survivors: A World Away site.

With Big Finish indicating that no further Survivors audio releases are currently planned, the release of New Dawn 4 brings to an end Survivors life as an audio drama.

The Survivors: A World Away site has tracked the development of this unique strand of Survivors fiction since the release of the first box set back in 2014.

Over the course of nine years, this site has published synopses and reviews of all 36 episodes in the nine series original run of Survivors audios, of three Survivors audiobooks, and all twelve episodes in the four box sets of the New Dawn series.

As a result of repeated visits to the Big Finish studios, the editor of this site also carried out numerous interviews with cast members (including Carolyn Seymour, Lucy Fleming, Ian McCulloch and Richard Heffer, as well as many new actors joining the series on audio), extracts from many of which have also been published on the site.

Beyond the site itself, the editor has published reviews of the releases for Cultbox (together with the Carolyn Seymour: in Conversation spin-off release), and published regular features and reviews of the series for Starburst, both in print and online.

As the release of Survivors audios begins an indefinite pause, it’s good to be able to reflect that the series ends in such a satisfying and assured way:

Abby and Jenny begin a new phase in their own journey as listeners, many of whom have followed the series from series one released back in 2014, come to the end of theirs. It’s been a remarkable, often unsettling, and always compelling series made by a creative team who have shown time and again their determination to grasp the full dramatic potential of Terry Nation’s inspired original premise.

Survivors: A World Away

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