Vortex magazine previews Survivors New Dawn 3 audio boxset

Big Finish - Vortex - Survivors: New Dawn 3 preview

THE UPCOMING RELEASE of New Dawn 3, the latest Survivors full-cast audio boxset, is previewed in January’s edition of Big Finish’s house magazine Vortex.

In the feature ‘Keep on Surviving’, writer and director Ken Bentley reflects on his experience of working on Big Finish’s Survivors audios since the first series back in 2014, and hints at the decisive drama to come in the next two installments of the New Dawn series.

I’ve been deeply involved in this series for so long now that I feel a genuine responsibility to the characters and their journey. It’s been a privilege to write for them again.

I’m really grateful to David for inviting me to write for Survivors in the first place, and to Emma for giving Matt and I the opportunity to return to this story world as we begin Abby and Jenny’s final journey. It won’t be easy listening, but then Survivors never has been.

Ken Bentley in ‘Keep on Surviving’, Vortex, Issue 167

Survivors: New Dawn 3 will be released in April 2023 and is available to pre-order, as both a collector’s edition three-disc CD and digital download combo or as a digital download only, from the Big Finish site.

Vortex 167 can be downloaded as a free PDF from the Big Finish site.

Big Finish. 2023. ‘Keep on Surviving’, Vortex, No 167, January, pp. 20-21.

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