Ian McCulloch talks Italian horror movies on The Strange and Deadly Show

In a relaxed and reflective podcast interview Ian McCulloch, (Greg, Survivors) discusses his work on the three Italian horror movies in which he starred after his work on Survivors on a new edition of The Strange and Deadly Show.

Ian does mention, in passing, the importance of Survivors in him securing these films roles, but this interview (recorded back in 2012, but only now released online) focuses on the three films – about which Ian is much more positive than (he himself acknowledges) he used to be previously.

The interview begins around 5m:30s into the broadcast.

The Strange and Deadly Show

Ian McCulloch Interview – Tom Elliot gives a short update on the status of The Strange and Deadly Show before presenting an interview with the star of Zombie Flesh Eaters, Zombie Holocaust and Contamination, Ian McCulloch.

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Carolyn Seymour guest stars in new Big Finish podcast

Carolyn Seymour (Abby Grant, Survivors) guest stars in a new Big Finish podcast released on 30 October.

Nick Briggs and Benji Clifford present a special Hallowe’en podcast, with all the latest news from the audio world of Big Finish Productions. Carolyn Seymour, Abby Grant from Survivors, is the guest star!

This is also a special, trailer-packed podcast, so listen out for some great audio teasers. Here’s a handy list of timings so you can locate your favourite bits…

05:06 The Big Finish News. Packed with trailers! And Benji makes an owl noise, allegedly. There’s also some spooky lighting. Great on audio.

20.35 Listeners’ Emails. You can contact us at podcast@bigfinish.com. WARNING! This edition features socks.

45:27 The Guest Star Interview. Carolyn Seymour, famous for Survivors, has a cosy chat with Nick. Highly recommended, naturally.

52:00 The Randomoid Selectortron. And ‘Ram’ is on fine form, choosing something rather appropriate.

58:50 The Latest Releases. A quick round-up.

01:01:45 The Prisoner. The latest instalment of our serialization of Departure and Arrival, the first episode of our acclaimed re-imagining of the 1960s TV classic. With Celia Imrie as Number Two.

You can download this podcast for free or stream it below. Go on, treat yourself…


Carolyn Seymour - Survivors

Big Finish - Survivors - series five - slipcase

Lucy Fleming: new Big Finish Survivors interview

Lucy Fleming (Jenny Richards) discusses her work on the new Big Finish Survivors audios in the latest new and exclusive interview to be added to the Survivors: A World Away Big Finish mini-site. In the interview, Fleming is very supportive of the close attention that Big Finish play to the established TV Survivors canon:

I think that’s quite a good thing, because there are still a lot of fans about who like the television series. And I think if we made it too different it wouldn’t be, maybe, so popular.

The second series of Survivors audios is available from the Big Finish shop, along with all the other current entries in the range.

Lucy Fleming - Survivors - Big Finish - series two - interview

John Banks: new Big Finish Survivors interview

A new interview with John Banks (Daniel Connor) discussing his work on the second series of Big Finish Survivors audio dramas has now been added to the Survivors: A World Away Big Finish mini-site. In the interview Banks expresses his delight at the reception of the first series:

I’ve looked on the Big Finish forum and at other places and seen some of the things that people have said about it – and that’s been fantastic. And, obviously, new series have been commissioned – so we must be doing something right. It certainly gives you confidence going in; knowing that there is an audience who are wanting things to continue and to find out what will become of these characters.

The second series of Survivors audios is available from the Big Finish shop, along with all the other current entries in the range.

John Banks - Big Finish - Survivors - series two - interview

Ian McCulloch: new Big Finish Survivors interview

In the latest of a new series of interviews on the Survivors A World Away Big Finish mini-site, in which cast and crew discuss work on the second series of Big Finish’s Survivors audio dramas, Ian McCulloch (Greg Preston) takes issue with the idea that Greg should be thought of as ‘heroic’:

The thing that has struck me when thinking about this in relation to the original series is actually how much of a bastard Greg could be. Looking back I can remember he killed people, suffocated a sick child, strangled someone with his bare hands, and passed on deadly diseases. For an action and adventure series, this was nasty stuff.

The second series of Survivors audios is available from the Big Finish shop, along with all the other current entries in the range.

Ian McCulloch - Big Finish - Survivors - series two - interview

Carolyn Seymour: new Big Finish Survivors interview

A new and exclusive interview with Carolyn Seymour, discussing her work on the series two of Big Finish’s Survivors audio dramas has been published on the Survivors: A World Away Big Finish mini-site. In the interview, Seymour says that Abby is:

still the same. She’s the one who has the tacit leadership quality, this innate leadership quality, that everybody responds to. She still “calling the shots”. She seems to be a little more willing to give it up this time. She seems to be listening to other people more, and isn’t given such complete control as she was before.

The second series of the acclaimed Survivors audios is available from the Big Finish shop, along with all the other current entries in the range.

Carolyn Seymour - Big Finish - Survivors - new interview

Carolyn Seymour interviewed in new edition of Vortex magazine

Ahead of the release of the new audiobook version of Terry Nation’s 1976 Survivors novel, Big Finish have published a new interview with Carolyn Seymour (Abby Grant), discussing her work voicing the book and anticipating the release of series two of Survivors audio adventures, in June 2015.

The interview, in the latest issue (No. 70) of the free-to-download Vortex magazine, comes ahead of the imminent release of the Survivors audiobook (which is still available for pre-order on both CD and through digital download).

In the interview Seymour reflects on the continuing relevance of the themes of Survivors:

Nowadays, it’s so relevant, and very apt when you think of the danger that we’re facing today with the threat of Ebola. Survivors has never lost its appeal, as it’s so possible, and it’s not too difficult to imagine that something like that could really happen.

Carolyn Seymour interview - Big Finish - Survivors - Vortex - first page

Carolyn Seymour interview - Big Finish - Survivors - Vortex - second page

Survivors audio-drama panel at Big Finish Day 5

Big Finish have posted a set of photos on Facebook from the Big Finish Day 5 convention (13 September) – including shots from the Survivors panel, which several attendees have been retweeted:

Survivors cast and crew - Big Finish Day 5

Carolyn Seymour - Big Finish Day 5

Terry Molloy and Chase Masterson - Big Finish Day 5

Lucy Fleming – special screenings of Brief Encounter

Lifelong surprise at a Brief Encounter

The star of Brief Encounter was always surprised that the tiny wartime movie had become a classic, her daughter says.

Actress Lucy Fleming, whose mother Celia Johnson starred as the housewife Laura in the film regularly voted one of the most romantic of all time, said: “I remember her saying about 10 years before she died [aged 73 in 1982] that it was odd that this little film she made during the war had become a classic. But she was terribly proud of it.”

Ms Fleming, 67, will introduce the film, which co-starred Trevor Howard, at three special screenings tomorrow and on August 22 and 29 with accompaniment by the London Philharmonic Orchestra as part of the Southbank Centre’s Festival of Love.

The film, which follows the stiff-upper-lip near-romance between two married people who resist having an affair, was directed by David Lean in wartime Britain.

Ms Fleming said: “Obviously it’s very old-fashioned but it appeals to people still. I think it’s just a little gem — but I’m a bit biased.”

Brief Encounter

Louise Jury. 2014. ‘Lifelong surprise at a Brief Encounter’. Evening Standard. 14 August

Starburst anticipates new Survivors audio adventures

The Starburst web site has published short interview snippets with cast and crew members from the forthcoming new Survivors audio adventures being released by Big Finish in June.

In the brief article, Ian McCulloch suggests to Starburst‘s Tony Jones:

‘I think Terry Nation would have approved of the style of writing and presenting the drama that Big Finish has chosen. They are very much the type of story that Terry would have liked the show to have covered [in the 1970s].’

Lucy Fleming adds:

‘I think the scripts are very well done and the idea behind Survivors is a universal story that makes you think again about what’s really important. The show always made viewers think about the basic practicalities of life as well as enjoying the adventure stories we were making.’