Carolyn Seymour attends Star Trek London convention, London, October 2012

Carolyn Seymour (Abby Grant, Survivors) appeared at the Destination Star Trek convention, held at the Excel convention centre, London between 19-21 October 2012.

The convention was celebrated for bringing together (for a rare joint UK convention appearance) all of the actors who have played the role of ship captain in all of the different TV incarnations of Star Trek.

Seymour, who played a variety of guest roles in both Star Trek: the next generation and Voyager appeared at a photo-signing session at the event.

Carolyn Seymour - Star Trek London event - October 2012
Carolyn Seymour – Star Trek London event – October 2012

Ian McCulloch joins ‘Zombie’ panel at Spooky Empire 2012 horror film convention

Ian McCulloch (Greg Preston, SurvivorsZombie at the Spooky Empire 2012 horror film convention held, over the Halloween weekend, in Orlando, USA. Joining McCulloch on the panel were Richard Johnson and Ottaviano Dell’Acqua.

Ian McCulloch - Spooky Empire 2012 convention
Ian McCulloch – Spooky Empire 2012 convention

Denis Lill interviewed at Only Fools & Horses convention

Denis Lill (Charles Vaughan, Survivors) was interviewed by Kugan Cassius of iFilm at the 2013 Only Fools & Horses Convention which took place recently in Peterborough. Lill played the occasional, recurring role of Alan Parry in Only Fools & Horses.

Lill discusses his work in the series, his character’s view of others on the show, and refers to his more recent TV work on The Royal and his stage appearances in a number of different Agatha Christie productions.

Photos (c) Only Fools & Horses Fan Site:

‘Time Machine’ Survivors feature – SFX 227

A four-page full-colour ‘Time Machine’ feature on Survivors appears in the latest SFX magazine (Issue 227, November 2012).

Penned by Robert Fairclough, the feature tells (in brief) the story of the production of the show across all three series, introduces some of the key in-front-of-and-behind-the-camera creative team, and reflects on some of the highlights of series two and three. The piece is illustrated by a mixture of familiar BBC stills and DVD screen captures. No new interview or archival content has been sourced.

Survivors feature - SFX November 2012
Survivors feature – SFX November 2012

Lucy Fleming joins publicity drive for new Bond film and audio-book collection

Lucy Fleming (niece of James Bond creator, the late Ian Fleming) has joined the publicity drive for the new James Bond film Skyfall and the range of new James Bond audio-books, the release of which co-incides with the Bon’s latest cinema outing.

Interviewed in GQ  (‘Lucy Fleming on James Bond’s anniversary, her uncle’s legacy and die-hard fans’, 3 October), Fleming reflects on her uncle’s work and considers the different interpretations that have been made of his most famous creation on screen and on the page.

Speaking to the Evening Standard  (‘Lucy Fleming: If I reveal the James Bond Skyfall plot I might be shot’, 3 October), Fleming revisits the different incaranations of Bond, and recollects some of the key events in her own personal life, and the intertwinning of her life and that of Ian Fleming’s legacy.

Lucy Fleming is also widely pictured attending the after-party for the launch of the new James Bond behind-the-scenes book Everything or Nothing – The Untold Story of 007, held on 1 October.

Barbara Broccoli, left, and Lucy Fleming right, at the Odeon West End, London, 1 October 2012
  • Everything or Nothing is out now.
  • The 007 Reloaded audiobooks are available from
  • Skyfall is on general release from 26 October 2012

‘Sparks’ Imber Church enjoys annual open days

St Giles Church, in the abandoned village of Imber on Salisbury Common (the main location for series three episode Sparks) enjoyed one of its all-too-brief annual open weekends at the end of September, as reported on the BBC News site (29 September 2012).

Deserted Salisbury Plain village of Imber opened to public

A village in Wiltshire that was abandoned during World War II and then taken over by the military opened for the weekend.

The village of Imber is normally closed to the public as it is in a military training zone on Salisbury Plain.

More than 100 people attended a service at St Giles Church, in Imber, on Salisbury Plain.

On Sunday, a full peal of the bells was rung which took some two-and-a-half hours to complete.

It is the fifth time a full peal has been rung since a new set of six bells was re-hung in August 2010, after the original bells were taken out in 1950.

The entire civilian population of the village was ordered to leave in December 1943 to provide a training area for American troops preparing for the invasion of Europe during World War II.

They were never allowed to return.

Since 2005, when the church was taken over by the Churches Conservation Trust, more than £300,000 has been spent on renovations.

St Giles Church, Imber

Photo and text (c) BBC News

Lucy Fleming – Steve Wright in the Afternoon – 5 September 2012

Survivors actress Lucy Fleming (Jenny Richards) appeared on the BBC Radio 2 Steve Wright in the Afternoon show on 5 September 2012, to discuss the new range of James Bond audio-books (007 Reloaded) being released this week.

The interview (in which Steve Wright mentions Lucy’s role in Survivors as part of the intro) can currently be streamed online (in the UK).

Lucy Fleming - Steve Wright in the Afternoon - 5 September 2012
Lucy Fleming – Steve Wright in the Afternoon – 5 September 2012

Caroline Seymour Q&A at the Space 1999 ‘Journey to Where’ Convention

Video of a brief Caroline Seymour Q&A appearance at the 2010 Journey to Where Space 1999 Convention held in Austin, Texas, USA on 16-18 July 2010 has recently be uploaded to YouTube.

In addition to the pre-screening Q&A, Caroline also spoke about her work at a separate session at the Convention, a video of which is also available on YouTube.

Ian McCulloch ‘Zombie’ screening – Q and A

Q and A with actor Ian McCulloch prior to a midnight screening of Zombie at the Egyptian Theater in Seattle WA (21 October 2011)

Ian McCulloch (Greg Preston) interview at Cinema Wasteland

Interviewed at a 2011 cult film convention, Ian McCulloch discusses Doctor Who (‘Warriors of the Deep’), his zombie movies – and *not* Survivors.